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Hi, I am Dan. A dreamer, a visionary with a desire to express and create in any and every way possible. Self expression and creativity overflow out of me and there is no way of knowing what will happen. I like that! Beauty is everywhere, all you have to do is look! Photography is my passion and life! When I have the camera in my hand I feel at home. I love to capture the beauty of those special moments in life.

I graduated from Antonelli Institute in 2011, with an Associates degree in Photography, and from there started my journey. My partner in crime is my wife (Britney) she is my best friend and I get to share every aspect of my life with her including photography. She is a professional photographer and a professional at keeping me out of trouble. I’m not only a photographer but I love to design, create, build and write.


Hi, I am Britney. An all around artist with an absolute love for photography. Photography is not just a passion, plain and simple, its me! I love the process of art. It takes time to create and I love to just pour my heart and soul into it. Everything is special and beautiful and there is nothing better than capturing that special moment and that beautiful time.

I graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Art Education and a concentration in photography. Dan is my partner but the crime is all him! We were married in June of 2012. We love to create and while doing that we have a lot of fun together and we would love to share that fun with you.


Gentleness, grace, love, and romance are our soft spots. We love the GENTLENESS of a father with his baby girl. We love the GRACE of a mother with child. We love the LOVE of a newly engaged couple. We love the ROMANCE of a husband and wife on their wedding day! Our goal is to capture images that last a lifetime, memories that you can revisit as often as you please. Years from now you will look back at the photographs and smile remembering how much fun that time in life was. Photographs are emotional and personal. We want to portray who you are and share that emotion and personality.

We would love to get to know you more!

Thanks for visiting!

Dan & Britney

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. It was such a pleasure meeting you two. I am looking forward to working with you guys. I forgot to mention that I hate my picture taken. Lol. I promise to do as you say on my wedding day. Thank you for your time this evening.


  2. I got to work with Dan & Britney on a Wedding together on October 29, 2016 at the High Point at St Peter in Malvern, PA. They did a terrific job with being there when I needed to let them know what was coming up for the Bride & Groom (I was there DJ/Wedding Coordinator that day). Not only were they pleasant to work with it was a great surprise when Dan sent over some images from the Wedding today so I can see them & they did a terrific job capturing the couple so well. If you are looking for a great photographer team in the area give them a call.


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