Maura & Ricky

LaMassaria at Bella Vista Golf Course/ Gilbertsville, PA

Maura & Ricky

May 20th

Every detail at this wedding was stunning! Every person at this wedding was friendly and warm! Needless to say, it was a great day with Maura and Ricky!

Introducing: Mr. & Mrs. Houck 

Houck Wedding-5

Houck Wedding-6

Houck Wedding-10

Houck Wedding-16

Houck Wedding-22Houck Wedding-25Houck Wedding-24Houck Wedding-26Houck Wedding-27Houck Wedding-28Houck Wedding-29Houck Wedding-30Houck Wedding-32

Houck Wedding-36Houck Wedding-37

Houck Wedding-142Houck Wedding-139Houck Wedding-38Houck Wedding-39Houck Wedding-40


Houck Wedding-43Houck Wedding-44Houck Wedding-46Houck Wedding-47

Houck Wedding-52Houck Wedding-53Houck Wedding-54

Houck Wedding-58Houck Wedding-59

Houck Wedding-143

Houck Wedding-63Houck Wedding-64

Houck Wedding-68

Houck Wedding-146Houck Wedding-71Houck Wedding-73Houck Wedding-77Houck Wedding-79Houck Wedding-82

Houck Wedding-84

Houck Wedding-90

Houck Wedding-93

Houck Wedding-109

Houck Wedding-95

Houck Wedding-110

Houck Wedding-115Houck Wedding-116Houck Wedding-117Houck Wedding-118

Houck Wedding-124Houck Wedding-121Houck Wedding-123

Houck Wedding-125Houck Wedding-133Houck Wedding-135Houck Wedding-136Houck Wedding-137Houck Wedding-138


Wedding Planner: Alexandria Catherine Events

Beauty: Joan Phillips Aubertin with Daneene Jensen & Associate

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