Skyler Rae’s First Birthday

Even as I am sitting here writing this I still can’t believe our baby girl is One year old! It feels like yesterday that I had her! When your pregnant all you do is dream about what your baby will be like. What will they look like, will they be funny, will they snuggle, what will our year look like..etc. Well this year surpassed any dream I could have came up with! Dan and I were both able to be home with her with going full-time. Not many Daddy’s get to be there for every little moment but Dan was and it was AMAZING! We had so many adventures, learning curves, laughter, tears and love throughout this year! I pray that year number two will be just as amazing!

Check out Skyler’s Birth Story: Skyler Rae Eppehimer- Our Birth Story

Happy Birthday My Skyler Rae!

skyler bday-2

skyler bday-10

We built her a swing set and sand box for her birthday and she loves it!

skyler bday-21skyler bday-22

skyler bday-24

Dan made a video of Skyler’s First Year. Needless to say we were all in tears! If you want to check it out here is the link: Skyler’s First Year Video 

skyler bday-39

Skyler Rae’s One Year Old Photoshoot

skyler 1st-1

skyler 1st-6skyler 1st-7

This place was extra special because it was were we did our maternity photos!

skyler 1st-8skyler 1st-9skyler 1st-10

skyler 1st-15skyler 1st-16

skyler 1st-18skyler 1st-20

skyler 1st-23

skyler 1st-26skyler 1st-27skyler 1st-28

skyler 1st-31

skyler 1st-35skyler 1st-36skyler 1st-37skyler 1st-38

Thanks for reading,

Dan & Brit

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