A Day in the Life- Nashville Trip

Hey All! We’ve been really enjoying the slower pace of life this winter! Last month we had the opportunity to go stay with Dan’s sister Kendra who lived just outside of Nashville! They gave us the tour of the area and we had a blast! The food there is amazing! We had so many delicious meals at all different types of restaurants! We may have gained a few pounds while being there! We couldn’t get over how friendly people were! Just walking down the main strip of Nashville so many people stopped to talk and see Skyler! It was so opposite of our city of “love” here. We hope you enjoy some photos from our trip!

Just enjoying a stroll in the nice weather

week 26-1

week 26-2

Ate the most delicious food at Loveless Cafe!

week 26-8

Downtown Nashville

week 26-9week 26-10week 26-11week 26-12week 26-13

week 26-20week 26-22week 26-23week 26-24week 26-25week 26-26

We met up with my cousin and he took us to this Italian pizza shop in this back ally. It was such a hidden gem!

It’s the little moments I want to remember forever!

week 27-1week 27-2

Burgers at the Pharmacy!

week 27-3

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

week 27-6week 27-7

week 27-10

week 27-13week 27-14

Thanks for stopping in!

-Dan & Brit

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