Week 11

This weeks post is going to be a more personal post. Many people think that photographers have all this free time and that we only work while we are shooting. Most don’t realize the many hours that go into running your own business. Most of the time photography doesn’t feel like work. It’s something that we love to do. The past few weeks however, it has felt like a lot of work. It’s not that we don’t still love what we do because we truly love it! I think it’s the volume of things we are doing. For example just this Saturday we both worked a 15 hour day including travel. We didn’t get home till 11 pm and then had to get up early to photograph another wedding all the while taking care of a 5  month old. It’s ALOT but God has been so faithful and has given us the energy that we’ve needed. So here’s to praying that God will give us the strength to continue working hard this coming week!

This past week was full of all different emotions, firsts, and sessions!

Monday -October 3rd

Dan’s sister Kendra’s wedding was last weekend and unfortunately their grandma wasn’t able to come to the wedding! So Kendra and Rob got all dressed up again and went to see her.  Dan spent some time photographing their time together! Can you believe it, but Gradmom is 95 years old!!


Later that night we put Skyler is her stroller and took a walk. It was a rough day for me as I had some unexpected family things come up. I don’t know about the rest of you but sometimes just getting outside and feeling the wind on my face while seeing God all around me helps me feel better. It was an emotional day but seeing that sunset with my two favorite people helped me get through.


Thursday -October 6th

We love when we get the chance to photograph things other than weddings! I got to explore Saint Pete’s with Lauren for her senior photos!  How cute is she!!



That night we watched some Twlight while we ate dinner! Don’t judge but we love the movie series and every year we watch the whole series! After, I spent some time editing an engagement session from the other week while Skyler sat on my lap for most of it!



Friday- October 7th

Skyler Rae turned 5 months on Friday! Many have told us that it flies by and they are so right! It is such a torn feeling watching your little one grow! We get so excited with every new thing she does but we also feel sad when we see how little of time we have of each phase!



Skyler also got to try her very first baby food! She loved it but was also confused by the texture of it!


Saturday- October 8th

We drove to Carlisle for Jenny and Jeremy’s Wedding! It was a very wet morning but they were awesome and wanted to do photos outside! They wanted to do their first look on this bridge! With the rain the bridge because extremely slippery and I mean slippery! I took a spill while we were helping the bride onto the bridge! I was super embarrassed and of course our good friend Jeanie from Moments Remembered  got it all on film. Anyway, we figured instead of having the groom fall Dan helped him up the bridge. It was such a beautiful first look! We had such a fun day with them!




Thanks for reading!


Dan & Brit

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