Week 8 & 9 and 10…life goes by so quick!

Week 8

We got super behind in writing our day in the life blog! September was our busiest month of our season! We had our first triple wedding weekend! The week leading up to it we spent as much time with Skyler as we could. We thought it would be fun to recreate one of Daniel’s old baby photos and show how much the two of them look alike.



The day before the craziness I spent some snuggle time out on our swing with Skyler after her 4 month check up! Apparently, her head grew a ton in the 1 month! The nurse went back to check that she had measured it right…don’t worry she is still only in the 20th percentile for her head size. Lets just say that between Dan and I, Skyler wasn’t put down much on Thursday. I always have a really hard time leaving her and this time was even worse because she stayed with her grandparents for the whole weekend. We just had to keep reminding ourselves that even though we don’t get to see her much on the weekends we get to be with her mostly during the weeks!


We shot Chris and Kat’s wedding at Bear Creek! It was such a fun crazy day! Here’s a few behind the scenes of us shooting.Let’s just say you can almost always find Brit in some bush,tree, creek or strange place shooting.



We photographed Rick & Angela’s wedding! You could not have asked for better weather and lighting! The venue was also 5 minutes down the road from our house so we were trilled to be so close!


Many people think we are photographing each other before the reception…little do they realize we are just testing our light!


We had to end the night with a selfie!


We were shockingly not completely spent after shooting. We even got to skype Dan’s mom to check on the baby.



Our 3rd wedding of the weekend couldn’t have gone any better than it did! It was such a unique and fun one for us.  Gina and Jonathan got married at a beautiful church in West Chester when the food truck festival was going on! They really wanted to walk through the festival afterward and even stopped to get some yummy food!


It’s not always me how helps with the bride’s dress. Dan is also a professional dress poofer!


Let’s just say that we were spent at the end of the night but so happy to have our baby girl back in our arms!


Week 9

Week 9 consisted mostly of baby snuggles, soccer, editing and much more photographing. Dan is now coaching the Phoenxiville Middle School soccer team. He’s loving it and they had their first game this week!

We photographed 2 engagement sessions and 2 weddings this week!  Here’s two shoots of us shooting at our engagment session on Sunday! Thanks Shannon for the shoots!


Week 10

As much as we would have loved a slower week it just wasn’t going to happen. We had 2 weddings to edit, blog and post. We were also helping prepare for Dan’s sisters wedding which was this weekend! We did pause in all the craziness and decided that we wanted to get Skyler’s ears pierced! We had been talking about doing it for awhile but just weren’t sure when she was old enough!  After talking to a friend who got their daughter’s pierced we decided to go for it! We were both soooo nervous! Brit was more nervous than when she got her’s done. But Skyler did great! She cried for a few minutes and then was fine! By the end of the night Dan was able to touch them and she didn’t even flinch!



Kendra and Rob’s Wedding was a blast! The venue was out near Harrisburg and it had a Bed & Breakfast so all of us stayed there for the weekend! All week we did dinners at the Epps and Friday we went to the venue and set everything up! It was a lot of fun but a lot of work! It didn’t help that it rained all weekend but it was a beautiful wedding and Kendra and Rob made the most out of it! We are so excited to welcome Rob into the family! Here’s to another brother!


Thanks for reading about us!


Dan & Brit

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