Zack & Kelly

Back yard weddings are some of the best wedding to photograph! Every detail has been made with love and there is such an intimate feel to it. This wedding was exactly that! I also love the fact that it was so close to home! 3 minutes from home to be exact! We started the morning at the bride’s parent’s house photographing her and the ladies getting ready and finishing their final touches. From there we headed to the ceremony site which was in the groom’s brother’s back yard. It was a beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky. The sun was bright and hot but thankfully there was a little breeze. When Zack and the men walked out to begin the ceremony he was smiling from ear to ear. Just when I thought Zack’s smile couldn’t get any bigger, Kelly made her way across the back yard. He was ecstatic! It was so touching to see a groom so excited for his bride! Kelly and her father seamed to float down the aisle and the ceremony began. After exchanging the vows and rings it was time to seal it with a kiss! As they were announced for the first time in public they were all smiles and even got a few high-fives on their way out. After the family and bridal party photos we explored the neighbor’s apple orchard and then headed to the Kimberton Waldorf School for some more photos with Zack and Kelly. For the reception we headed to a beautiful ballroom at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Exton, PA. The rest of the night was filled with laughter and dancing as Zack, Kelly and their guests celebrated. We are so excited for them and hope you guys enjoy a glimpse into their wedding!

-Introducing Zack & Kelly –





















Photography: BlackLevel Photography

Reception: Wyndham Garden Exton Valley Forge 

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