Week 4- Blue Marsh, Panera and the Beach

What a week! It is crazy to look back through and think about all that we have done during the weeks. I would definitely recommend doing something like this! It has been challenging to take photos every week but it is so fun to look back and be able to see what we did this past month.


All dressed up and ready to go to church, Skyler wasn’t too happy about being woken up. Let me just say we are super blessed; Our baby girl LOVES to sleep! Which makes mommy and daddy sooo happy because we LOVE to sleep as well. I’m praying it lasts!

After church we met up with my family and Dan’s family at Blue Marsh Beach! I used to go when I was little girl but it had been forever since I had been there. The place was crazy crowded but we had so much fun! We grilled out and had so juicy watermelon. Trent tried out his new blow up couch! It was amazing…Dan may have order us some! They are only 13 dollars on Amazon!!!  Anyways we spent the day swimming, paddle boarding ( it was my first time and it was a blast) and eating delicious food! It was everything to make for a perfect Sunday!  And how adorable are my niece and nephew! It’s hard to belive my nephew is only 4 months older than Skyler.

week 4-30


week 4-37week 4-38


We had a more typical day on Tuesday. We spent the morning and afternoon working in our office. The pacifier was the definition of Skyler a lot this week. She was super fussy and the second the pacifier fell out she was red face and tears pouring out of her eyes. Poor things belly hurt her a lot. Skyler has acid reflux which seems to act up on random days and makes her feel terrible. We are praying she will grow out of it! We have a mirror in the hallway by our bedrooms and we continually place her in front and up until this week she didn’t take too much time to look at it but this week she finally noticed herself! She was super confused and then the smiles came out.  We were also able to order some new photography equipment! We have one 70-200mm lens already but we fought over who got to use it during weddings so we finally bought another one. Let’s just say I’m super excited to use it!

week 4-39week 4-40

week 4-41

week 4-42week 4-43


This summer we made a gym in our basement and we have been trying to get back in shape. It is soo hard! I was so sick during my pregnancy that working out just wasn’t an option.  I have to remind my self to go slow and to not expect my body to be able to do the things it was able to do before I was pregnant. It is a work in progress and some weeks I am really consistent and other weeks I am not but I have to remind myself that I am trying and that is what matters.  That night we got to meet up with dear friends at Panera! SOO yummy! They got a chance to meet Skyler and they bought her some beautiful outfits! Girl clothes are soo adorable! We had so much fun and talked till Panera closed.

week 4-50

week 4-49

week 4-51week 4-52

week 4-56week 4-57


We had a meeting with a potential client at our house. Our goal with meeting clients at home is to make them feel comfortable and to give us a chance to get to know them and them us. I love to have hot, fresh cookies for them to snack on while we chat.  I also tried to make a new broccoli cheddar soup for dinner that night….it may look really pretty but I must have done something wrong because it did not taste as I dreamed it would. But that is life. Sometimes you try something new and it turns out great and other times it’s not so great.


I went away for the weekend to Cape May for a Bachelorette Party! While I was hanging with the ladies Dan had Skyler by himself for the weekend!  I was super nervous being away for so long but I knew Dan would be able to handle it! Apparently, Friday was great until it was 3:30 am and she woke up screaming! He was a step away from getting her in the shower to calm her down. And Yes our baby LOVES showers! It is the one thing that will always stop her from crying.  However, He made it through day 1 without me!


Dan spent Saturday trying to get things done around the house! Skyler napped wherever he went. He did try to wash the cars but after the third time of spraying it down he had to stop because Baby Girl needed her daddy to hold her. Meanwhile I had delicious breakfast at Mad Batter and spent the day tanning on the beach. I finished off the night at the restaurant right across from the sand.

week 4-71

Thanks so much for checking out our week!


Brit & Dan

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