Day in the life – Week 3 (August 7th-13th)

This week was quite eventful. We started the week working around the house on Monday. On Tuesday we worked some more and we did Skyler’s 3 month photos! She seems to still find the camera odd. She looks at it and still doesn’t quite understand.

week 3-1week 3-4

On Wednesday we traveled to Scranton to visit some of Brits family for the day. We spent the night with her Aunt Barb’s and had lunch on Thursday with some of her family. It was the first time several of them had met Skyler so it was a real special time for us. Skyler had plenty of photos with all of the family!

week 3-19week 3-16

week 3-22week 3-25

When we got home Thursday afternoon we hung around the house and Skyler used her play mat for the first time while we caught up on some emails. That night we went to my parents house for some desert and hanging out. We made smores dip with my sister and Skyler spent time with her Gigi!

week 3-34

On Friday we went to Lancaster with my family. We stopped for lunch at Shady Maple. We had some delicious food and enjoyed stuffing ourselves. We made our way over to the Kitchen Kettle after a quick stop for some fresh fruits and veggies! We loved exploring all the stores especially the jam and jelly store. While we were there a big storm blew in and cut our plans short.

week 3-46week 3-43

All in all it was a really nice week. Even though we spent lots of time with family we still managed to get a lot of work done. This current week has been awesome and we can not wait to share with you guys next week!

Love Dan & Brit


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