A Day in the Life- Aug. 1-6th

This past week was a week filled with lots of work, fun and adventure.


We worked on getting the house cleaned and taking care of our baby girl!




Around 2 am while we were asleep in bed we woke up to our house shaking, a big flash of light and we lost our power ! We had no idea what happened! I thought our house got hit by lightning but there was no storm so we were super confused. After a little while we heard our neighbors outside talking so we went out in our pjs to discover this:


A huge tree just randomly fell  across the road and fell on our power lines! There were live wires everywhere so we had to be careful where we walked. Our neighbors called the police and blocked off the road. Around 5 am a crew of people came and started working on getting things cleaned up. Poor Dan had to be up at 6 to go and assist Jeff Wojtaszek on a photo shoot. Needless to say he was very tired when he came home that night.



After being cooped up in the house all day Monday and Tuesday the first thing I wanted to do was to go outside. Skyler and I ate our breakfast and listened to a sermon while enjoying the sunshine. We spent a lot of our day editing and as you can see Skyler just goes between Dan, me and the swing! I’m not sure how we are going to do work when little missy is on the move. After hours of staring at a screen Dan could no longer take it and we called up his sister and went and got some ice cream at Sonic at 10 pm. Our times are all messed up we feel like we are back in college time.



We spent more time working but were invited to eat dinner with my sister. They made us delicious burgers and potatoes and for dessert we tried a smores dip! SOO Yummy! We got to hang with their new little puppy named Bailey. We finished the night all cuddled up in Mario’s bed watching YouTube videos.






After our work day we were invited to go to Blue Marsh boating with our friends.  A big thanks to Drew and Court for having us. The weather was so nice and we just hung out, went skiing, and wake surfing. It was a blast having Skyler with us and as you can see her life jacket is a little large on her. Tommy is our friends little boy! He was so excited to get smore’s Oreos from his Aunt Court and to swim with his daddy.  We ended the night at Texas Road House watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics!





We had the honor of photographing my childhood best friends wedding! The day was so beautiful and full of many tears, laughter and love. It was awesome seeing many friends and getting the spend the day by the bride’s side.


Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to share what’s happening this week!


Brit & Dan

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