Nicole & Alex- The Bay, The Breeze and Lots of Orange

I’m not sure where else to start other than to tell you that this wedding has a very special place in my heart! We were asked by my cousin to photograph her wedding. She asked us to be a part of her day and be with her every step of the way. There is nothing more special than photographing a wedding of someone you love. Someone you have known your entire life and have celebrated just about everything with. There was a sense of comfort and love that surrounded our day with Nicole and Alex. Nicole and I have grown up together from church and school to family birthdays and holidays. We have experienced hard times and moments of pure joy. This was one of those moments of pure joy. She is someone I could always count on and someone who was always there for me. She has been way more than just a cousin to me and I could not be happier for her.

 Now that all the mush is out of the way let me tell you about our day with Nicole and Alex. We started our day at Elk Manor Winery with Nicole and her bridesmaids. When I tell you the house they got ready in was breathtaking I mean it! I could not wipe the smile off Brit’s face as she walked around the house just drooling over all she had to work with for photographs of the girls getting ready. As Nicole got her makeup and hair done we photographed all the details and it was absolutely perfect. After a short time together I was off to hang with the boys at the hotel. Alex was calm, cool and relaxed and one of the groomsmen played some backstreet boys tune! (this was a joke between the guys) After everyone was dressed and ready we headed back to the venue to let the celebration begin. The ceremony was set up with at the water’s edge in front of this lonely tree standing all by itself. The tears started flowing as Nicole made her way down the aisle with her daddy (my Uncle Drew). There was a nice breeze from across the water throughout the ceremony. When Alex finally got the go ahead to kiss his bride there was no hesitation! After that we spent time with the families and the bridal party getting all the pictures. I can’t go without mentioning that the bridal party was a crazy, fun group! They knew how to PARTY and have a great time! They totally made our time together so much fun. Anyways back to the story. We had all kinds of time with Nicole and Alex playing all around the property and loving every moment.

 The reception was just up the hill from the ceremony in the tent. Every detail fit perfectly, from the anchor for the guests to sign to the cake with beach chair toppers. We spent the next few hours partying the night away with Remembrance DJ and enjoyed every moment of the night. We even got a visit from a large ship making its way through the waters. Everyone spent time out in the yard playing games, swinging on the swing and just having a grand old time. The food was amazing from Lindsey’s Catering and the deserts from Desserts by Rita were to die for. I can’t say much more other than I am so excited for Nicole and Alex and this next step in their life together. We love you both so much!

 Introducing Nicole & Alex :




































Photographer: BlackLevel Photography 

Venue: Elk Manor Winery

Dj: Remembrance Studios

Cake: Desserts By Rita

Flowers: Amanda’s Florist

Catering: Linsey’s Catering




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