Tara & Juan – Adirondack Family Session

I got the chance to photograph my sister and her family while we were away in the Adirondacks a few weeks ago! Let me tell you, there is nothing more fun than getting to capture the people you love! We started our little photoshoot at Word Of Life Bible College. Tara and Juan met there and as we walked around they told me some of their fun memories. One of the memories was about the time that they officially started dating. Juan had asked Tara to go on a walk and they ended up near the water slide. It was during that walk that they offically became a couple! Tara and Juan wanted to get some photos of their growing family in front of the water slide! After some time on the campus we headed back to our house and took some photos on the beach! I was so excited to see how beautiful the light and the colors were! I hope you enjoy!

Introducing my beautiful sister, Tara and her Family!








My little niece, Cattleya, reminded us so much of the sour patch kids commercial here. First they are sour then they are sweet!




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