Alex & Amanda – Wedding

Back in March, Dan and I photographed this amazing couples wedding! Amanda and I were friends in elementary school and it was such an honor to be with her on her special day!  They were married in a beautiful white tent in Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester, PA. They were such troopers and let us take them through the snow the capture some beautiful photos! It was an amazing day!

                                                                 -Here is Alex & Amanda-


Amanda-2Amanda-3Amanda-7Amanda-8Amanda-11Amanda-12Amanda-13Amanda-14Amanda-17Amanda-18Amanda-15Amanda-16Amanda-19Amanda-4Amanda-5Amanda-6Amanda-9Amanda-10Amanda-20  Amanda-21Amanda-22Amanda-23 Amanda-24 Amanda-24Amanda-25Amanda-26 Amanda-27Amanda-28 Amanda-29Amanda-30 Amanda-31Amanda-32 Amanda-33Amanda-34 Amanda-35Amanda-36 Amanda-37Amanda-38 Amanda-39Amanda-40Amanda-41Amanda-42Amanda-43Amanda-44Amanda-45Amanda-46Amanda-47Amanda-48Amanda-49Amanda-50Amanda-51Amanda-52Amanda-53Amanda-54Amanda-55Amanda-56Amanda-57Amanda-58Amanda-59Amanda-60Amanda-61Amanda-62Amanda-63Amanda-64Amanda-65Amanda-66Amanda-67Amanda-68Amanda-69Amanda-70Amanda-71Amanda-72Amanda-73Amanda-74Amanda-75Amanda-76

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